The T.R.U.S.T. Program

After more than 20 years of martial art training and a decade training and teaching Russian martial art with Subrosa Systema, I had decided to take a break from it all about two years ago. I needed some time off to gather my ideas and thoughts, train for myself only and continue to develop my hypnosis practice in Geneva with people from all walks of life which I have been doing along with coaching for 8 years now.


Today, in these troubled times, it is time for me to come out again and present to you a unique online training program that will help you to go through personal and more global chaotic times in the best possible way.

I have been improving it for over a year now with renowned international institutions working in critical areas. It is as much physical than it is mental, emotional and spiritual.


Welcome to T.R.U.S.T. !


"Train in a way you have never trained before;


Rest, restore and replenish;


Use your animal instinct;

Slow down;


Trust Yourself and the Universe, really"

For Who?

For those amongst you:


  • Who feel lost and confused for the moment

  • Who feel disconnected from their body

  • Who would like to learn to handle stress in the best possible way

  • Who would like to tame their fears and learn to be free

  • Who would like to know more about themselves

  • Who would like to learn to better manage and accept their emotions

  • Who like like to prepare for the un-expected

  • Who would like to explore a path to freedom through self-knowledge with side benefits for everyday living

  • Who are ready to invest in themselves and commit to regularly train and share in a group setting environment to obtain results


Why is the T.R.U.S.T. Program so unique ?

T.R.U.S.T. is an online training program based on the principles of Systema, the Russian Martial Art, and much is a complete self-development program that will cover the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of your beings.

T.R.U.S.T., only if you are dedicated, will help you to:

  • Know yourself as a path to individual freedom and selfcare

  • Find your body back, inhabit it and feel life like never before

  • Calm yourself in any situation and others around you

  • Hack your nervous system

  • Feel more confident and therefore trust the crazy journey that life is

The program itself:

  • Two levels of training so far

  • Each level takes two months / 8 courses to complete

  • An on-line class every Monday at around 18:00 C.E.T. with work to do in between (the classes will be recorded so you can watch it later when you are not available)

  • A Facebook and WhatsApp group to share progresses and experiences that I will facilitate regularly

  • A direct contact with me, Vincent Hürner, via WhatsApp during the duration of the program

  • Special guests and events when possible

  • An app in the making with dedicated exercises, audios and tips to imrpove your progresses


  • CHF 185.- for the app only

  • CHF 1'200.- per level (two months of courses / 8 courses) + the app

  • If you are currently going through a difficult financial situation, please contact me directly and we will talk about it

  • The next launches of the program, level 1, are: on the 3rd of October 2022 and on the 6th of March 2023

  • A limited number of participants in each program to guarantee individual supervision


How to register and conditions

  • Send me an email as to why you would like to join (especially if we have never worked together before)

  • You have to be in a relatively good shape, that means no major injurees, to attend the program so please tell me the numbers of push up, sit ups, squats, leg raises and pull ups you can do for the moment (without breaking yourself). I don’t care about the numbers, I just need an idea.

  • Make the first payment via bank transfer or paypal and this is it, you will be in !!!